24/7 protection for FARMS offered by Caesar Gheorghe.

Consultancy for agricultural farms

✅ 35 farms from 1,500 to 15,000 hectares in the portfolio
✅ On-demand advice on sales, when, where, when and how.
✅ 24/7 volatility risk coverage: market intelligence in advance to act accordingly, sales advice, short, medium and long term global agribusiness market predictions by commodity type
✅ 24/7 contractual risk coverage: contractual advice, commercial clauses (all terms) and legal clauses. Keeping risk at bay for the seller from start to finish, along with avoiding financial pitfalls.
✅ Mitigation and dispute resolution. If undesirable situations still arise, we offer mediation and negotiation with the other party by proxy.
✅ We hedge the risk of market uncertainty and volatility.

This service is for farms and farmers

Protect your business against the market jungle! A single 1,000 tonne contract could cause €20,000 of damage or provide an extra €20,000 of revenue in the farm's profit and loss balance.

Drop us a couple of lines or call us for more details. We offer Protection in a volatile market. This is our Mission and Purpose.

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Cezar Gheorghe at a glance

Agribusiness expert with over 20 years of experience:

✅ 9 years with Cargill 
✅ 3 years with Ameropa
✅ 2 years with Chimpex
✅ 3 years with Bunge
✅ 4 years with Agricover

Wide range of expertise, from grain and oilseed trading to budget development, contract negotiation, corporate reorganization, operations and profit management.

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