Consultancy for agribusiness companies offered by Cezar Gheorghe

Firm Agribusiness Consulting

✅ 20 years of experience in ABCD companies and many others
✅ Expertise in business development or reconstruction for private or listed companies.
✅Clear tracking of objectives (budgets, figures, key indicators, P and L)
✅ Zero failures in 20 years of agribusiness.
✅ Specialisation: business development from scratch, business reshaping and rebuilding, stalled business development.
✅ Experience in management positions such as Managing Director, CEO or Head of Trading.

This service is aimed at companies, input distributors, machine distributors, processors or integrators (TRADE - DISTRIBUTORS - PROCESSORS).

We all know that sometimes we get stuck.

We know that sometimes our business suffers, but we don't understand why and how we can get it back on a positive trend.

Sometimes we don't even know how much we're losing.

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Let's take it to the next level together. Securing the price for newly established crops. Let's say it's November or December and next year's SEP Euronext index covers the set-up costs and operating margin you want. What can you do? Because in the physical market nobody buys and even if they do they have a huge discount to next year's SEP Euronext. You open a Hedging account through AGRIColumn and you perform the operation of locking the next year's SEP indication for whatever quantity you want. All you have to do is deposit a security in your account equivalent to about 28Euro/tonne of wheat, for example. This security is returned when you close your Euroenxt position. That means you move to another level. Securing a price that will suffer further deterioration due to volume and harvest pressure. This tool called hedging applies to rapeseed and corn in equal measure. And it is widely used in the US, EU, Brazil and Argentina, practically in the most important origins. Everything happens in an organised, legal framework, under the guidance of AGRIColumn which is mandated by STONE X Dublin to carry out these operations.

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Cezar Gheorghe at a glance

Agribusiness expert with over 20 years of experience:

✅ 9 years with Cargill 
✅ 3 years with Ameropa
✅ 2 years with Chimpex
✅ 3 years with Bunge
✅ 4 years with Agricover

Wide range of expertise, from grain and oilseed trading to budget development, contract negotiation, corporate reorganization, operations and profit management.

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